Is co-working the future of office space?

20.04.21 NEWS

As the roadmap out of lockdown continues in the UK we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but what does that mean for the future of offices.

Are co-working spaces the future of office space?


As the roadmap out of lockdown continues in the UK we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but what does that mean for the future of offices. At Mosaic, we have seen a surge of interest, this has come from all kinds of businesses, from freelancers to bigger companies looking to de-densify their offices, or carry on the flexible working life. Employees have seen the benefits of no more hour-long commutes on jam-packed transport and being able to home-school during the pandemic. But now the children have returned and UK is starting to gain back some normality (whatever that looks likes now), do you see you and your business returning to those high-rise offices on a 9-5 basis or are you looking for another option?


Recently we have seen a big shift in the way people work, businesses have seen the benefits of flexible working and how it can benefit employees and employers. The monetary savings of flexible working for businesses can be huge as overheads are much less, the employees have a better work-life balance, employers on average are gaining an extra 25% of work a week in the UK - according to The Guardian. At Mosaic, we see the need for balance in a working environment that supports collaboration and flexibility.


Here in Mosaic, we have focused our thoughts on this and how flexible working and the office space can merge to create a perfect 3rd option- co-working. Co-working spaces offer modern serviced office space with more flexible contracts than your normal office unit lease. With other benefits such as employees still getting the structure and social interaction as they do in offices at a fraction of the price. Co-working hubs were created to enable more frequent networking and collaboration. At Mosaic, we are striving towards becoming the epicentre for the digital and tech industry in Greater Lincolnshire and beyond.


In an uncertain market, the flexible approach is going to appeal to businesses moving forward. Renting a fully serviced office in a great city-centre location on a flexible term is a long way from the usual units in vast industrial estates with long contracts and high overheads. In Mosaic, we pride ourselves on fully serviced offices and desk space with a team on hand to help with things from the coffee machine to help the members run events. All offices rent includes the rental and all the utilities so no nasty shock add-on’s - setting us very differently from the units and offices that businesses traditionally rent.


So has the pandemic changed the way you see the office now? Do you see you and your team in a collaborative serviced office space- or do you see yourself going back to the 9-5 and commute life? Every business is going to see what works for them, so if you think Mosaic is the way you want to work, come see for yourselves. Book your taster day today.