11.01.24 NEWS

We sat down with Tim from Propel & Floorfillers to see how he is finding his time at Mosaic.

Why did you join Mosaic?

Having worked in multiple offices over the last decade, I found myself working from home during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. This wasn’t for me. I’m very much a social person and like being surrounded by like-minded people who want to get on and progress in their careers. When I saw that Mosaic was an option, it made complete sense to me.


Additionally, with the various sizes of businesses within Mosaic, I knew there would be an opportunity to both learn from and help others within the community. The connections I have made, both personally and professionally, since joining have been incredibly valuable and that is down to the team and members alike.


What do you find beneficial about working in Mosaic?

The main two benefits I have experienced since joining Mosaic are:

  • Motivation and discipline: There’s something about having a clear line in the sand and a distinction between ‘work’ and ‘home’ that is really useful for me. I find that separating the two and having a dedicated workspace allows me to be more productive, manage my time more efficiently and create better results for my clients. It also creates that clear point at which to ‘switch off’.
  • Community: The members and the Mosaic team and incredible. Not only are they people who share similar values and mindsets, but the collaboration that happens both on a business and personal level is like nothing I’ve experienced working anywhere else. It’s like having colleagues but without the ‘shop talk’- something that means you’re effectively working with your friends!


Where do you see yourself and your business in the next 5 years?

Having started my events company (www.floorfillersentertainment.com) more than a decade ago at the age of 13, this business has served as the ‘case study’ for the marketing, sales and business growth knowledge I have acquired over that time. As a result of the growth this business has experienced, particularly over the past few years, I am now in a position to help other service-based businesses generate more leads and sales and grow their enterprise value through my marketing agency (Propel Digital Marketing LTD).


With the team that is in place with Floorfillers Entertainment, the focus for 2024 and beyond turns to continued growth in this business as well as an expansion of my marketing agency.


What has been your biggest challenge so far?

The one thing I’ve realised in business, which is also the likely predictor of success, and therefore the cause of most challenges if the problem is not solved early on, is the ability to generate leads and turn them into sales; profitably. Every other business problem can be solved once you have cash flow coming into the business. That’s why I made it my mission early on in my business career to learn everything I needed to know about profitable lead generation, creating offers, selling effectively and being able to track the numbers. Having mentors and experts to turn to is invaluable in short-cutting the time this takes.


I’m now nearly 13 years into my career and whilst it will always be an ongoing aspect I will learn about, I am now able to confidently generate new business time and time again as a result of turning this challenge around.


Tell me about your biggest success so far?

The biggest success I’ve had in business relates to the above-mentioned journey I’ve been on to learn about lead generation and generating sales. I remember when I launched a Facebook advertising campaign for my events company and it actually worked! Leads came through and those leads converted into sales! I was able to turn money into more money. This is what set me off on the continued path to learn everything I have learned up until this point which now gives me the confidence to help others grow their businesses using the same methods. Without this initial success, my events company wouldn’t have grown and I wouldn’t be in the position I am today with respect to helping others!


Any advice?

The one piece of advice I have for people who are either starting a new business or continuing to further their businesses is to focus on completing the tasks that bring in revenue. Launch the ads, write the blog post, and host the event! The fastest path to cash (sales) is through conversations. Start those conversations and life will become much easier. Additionally, track the numbers (the leads you generate from each platform, how many appointments they create and how many sales they generate) and monitor what works and what doesn’t. Then, do more of what works. Worry about everything later as cashflow can fix most other problems.


Three words to describe Mosaic….

Supportive. Inspirational. Collaborative.


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