We caught up with William from Middlegate Software...

04.06.24 NEWS

We caught up with William from Middlegate Software...

Why did you join Mosaic?

At the start of 2023, I had just transitioned from an in-person to a remote job. To say that the change between the two came as a shock was an understatement. Working from home made it difficult to get into the right mindset, and the lines between my work and personal life began to blur. After looking around the options, I found that renting a desk in Mosaic was easily the best option. Not only was it conveniently close to my home, allowing me to walk to work, but it also offered top-notch affordability and services—precisely what I had been looking for!


What do you find beneficial about working in Mosaic?

A dedicated workspace outside the home is a big plus for working in Mosaic. Not only do I get to work in a different space, but the environment is peaceful, and having people from many different organisations around makes for a pleasant social experience outside of the people I work with. This social aspect is enhanced by the events Mosaic organises, offering a wide variety for all people.


Coming from a small startup, the quality of the office space and the amenities at Mosaic have significantly enhanced our work experience. The convenience of collaborative spaces, such as the rentable meeting rooms and the 24/7 access, have been instrumental in our growing company. These amenities have not only made life easier for my colleagues and me but have also elevated our office experience beyond what we could have achieved on our own.


Where do you see yourself and your business in the next five years?

Middlegate Software is currently at a very exciting point as a startup. Our software platform, Deimos, has reached a good stage, and we're ready to start growing our company to keep up with the support and development of the software. Over the next five years, I'm excited to see how our small four-person company will grow into a mature software development company helping people solve industry problems. 


I am also excited about the personal and professional development I will experience at Middlegate Software over the next five years. Working in a startup is a stark contrast to my previous job, where I felt like a small cog in a much larger machine. Now, I can wear multiple hats and gain experience in various aspects of the business I wouldn’t have before, such as recruitment, finance, sales, and business management. Although this will be challenging, I am excited about the opportunities and experiences that await me.


What has been your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge has been dealing with my self-doubt. I often compare my progress to others in the tech and digital space, which can be discouraging. This kind of thinking is quite common in the digital field, where it's easy to see what others and businesses are doing and feel like you need to catch up.


However, I've realised it's okay to have only some of the answers. In the fast-paced world of digital technology, no one knows everything. Even well-established systems, like those used in software development and IT management, often stay functional thanks to some duct tape and string. This analogy reminds me that progress isn't always as polished as it appears from the outside.


This understanding has helped me focus more on my journey and growth rather than on comparisons. It's a continuous process, but embracing imperfections and recognising that everyone faces challenges, no matter how successful they seem, has been empowering.


Any advice?

The one thing I find myself frequently talking to people about is having a good work-life balance. It can often be difficult in a digital community to step back from work as it's so easy to work from anywhere nowadays. This especially applies to people with a lot of responsibility in a business (especially sole traders and business owners), where not working can feel like you're letting someone down.


This is one of the reasons why coming into an office space like Mosaic can be helpful - giving yourself a clear split between your working space and your home life helps keep that balance.  It's important to remember to make time for yourself and be yourself outside of work. This will allow you to return to work refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges!


Three words to describe Mosaic….

Peaceful, Social, Convenient 


You can contact William at william.oldham@middlegatesoftware.com