The benefits of coworking to mental health.

14.05.21 NEWS

According to Mental Health Org, 1 in 4 people reported feelings of loneliness in lockdown, proof of human interaction goes a long way in improving mental health.

There are more than 3 Million co-workers globally. There are many reasons people are turning to co-working, including; more cost-effectiveness, separates work and home life, and networking and collaboration opportunities. These, plus many more benefits are believed to be reasons why co-working can positively impact mental health.


For many businesses, especially in the current climate, working from home is the norm. However, working from home isn’t for everyone, for some working from home is tedious and disengaging, no wonder Nuffield Health found that 80% of Brits working from home said it negatively impacted their mental health. Many of these people are now turning to co-working.


Co-working gives the best of both worlds for a disillusioned home worker. It gives flexibility and structure, there is no doubting that working from home is handy but sliding from bed to desk in 2 seconds doesn’t really promote productivity- ease maybe but productivity, not so much. The routine of getting up, ready and into an office environment, gives a sense of routine and organisation. Not only this, the journey in gives you the chance to get in the zone, whilst the journey home allows you to switch off and have the cut from work life and home life.


Mosaic works to encourage better mental health, offering lots of breakout spaces to get away from the desk, have a coffee and stop staring at the screen (and it’s not just any coffee, it’s a 200 degrees coffee machine that is discounted for members). We provide a safe bike shed, to encourage you to cycle in (whether that means you can nip for a Friday beer with the other members or just blast your way into work and clear your mind before you start your day). We have a big emphasis on collaboration, bringing our members together on all manner of things from a lunch break to working together on new and exciting projects. Not forgetting we provide all manner of goodies on pancake day, Easter, Halloween and all other yummy holidays!


A co-working space means you can walk in and everything you need is there and good to go, there is no worrying about running out of milk when you need that mid-morning caffeine fix. The high-quality WiFi means there is no waiting for glitching faces on yet another zoom call and no chance of kids bombing in and out of the screen while you discreetly throw snacks their way- we’ve all been there!


Coworking provides the professional set-up at an affordable price- this means that money becomes one less thing to worry about. It’s not a costly long term lease that’s like the Dii Vinci code to get out of, most co-working spaces operate an easy in easy out policy giving peace of mind to the member - if that doesn’t help promote a positive mindset what will?


Co-working spaces offer the unique opportunity to network, collaborate and create friendships. There is usually someone around to bounce ideas off and grab a quick coffee with. No two days being same- different people, different businesses and different ideas. “Fake colleagues” are sometimes all remote workers crave, the option to see other people on a day to day basis will increase mental health leaps and bounds. According to Mental Health Org, 1 in 4 people reported feelings of loneliness in lockdown, proof of human interaction goes a long way in improving mental health.